About me

My current day job is working for Twistle in the healthcare space in Seattle. We are on a mission to improve patient outcomes and increase quality of care across the board. We do this with our automated messaging platform that pushes personalized information at just the right times, and promotes patient adherance to prep instructions, appointments, therapies, and medication. Before joining Twistle, I spent a number of years at Microsoft building a lot of really cool stuff, helping run the open source programs office (OSPO) and building out the Azure cloud business in it's early years.

I've been working professionally as a software developer for about 10 years, but before I fell in love with coding I got a degree from Penn State in Electrical Engineering. As amazing as it is to build things in the physical world with electronics and signals, there is nothing quite like the limitless possibilities of building with code.

I'm almost always making something and I have had more failed ideas than I can keep track of, but plenty of successes too! If you want to know more about what I'm up to right now, please feel free to reach out.