A collection of my favorite projects


A GitHub app that optimizes your images

Image optimization can often provide some of the largest performance improvements for any website or app and ImgBot offers one of the most turn-key solutions out there. For projects hosted on GitHub, image optimizations are literally just a few clicks away.

With ImgBot already installed in over 100,000 projects and prominently featured in the GitHub Marketplace, I get to help make the internet a little bit faster every single day.


A new approach to open source transparency

ClearlyDefined is an incubator project from the Open Source Initiative that is on a mission to help all open source projects thrive in today's software development ecosystem. We believe lack of clarity around licenses and security vulnerabilities reduces engagement, which leads to fewer users, fewer contributors, and in turn, a smaller community.

As a core contributor on the project I get to work with node.js workers and services running in Docker containers in multiple clouds and a whole community of stakeholders and contributors.


The front door for Microsoft’s cloud platform

As a core developer from 2013 to 2018 I got to take part in the explosive growth happening at that time. Helping Azure grow from 4 services to the 100+ we have now, we also grew our scrappy 4 person team to an organization of more than 50 members.

Top 5 reasons this project rocked every day:

  1. We got over 20 million hits a month
  2. We released in 29 languages
  3. We ran in data centers all over the globe
  4. We released updates every single day
  5. We believed in A/B testing and continuous improvements


Real-time analytics of Venmo payments

While disposable analytics may be a micro-niche, it can be a lot of fun. Venmorld reads from the pubic Venmo payment feed and streams the data right to the browser. The emoji’s are extracted from the message and charted on screen.

Azure Storage Browser

A mobile-first storage explorer for Azure

After being frustrated by needing to get on a laptop just to check on a few poison queues I set out to make myself a tool just for me. Fast forward a bit and I realized I was starting to build out a full feature set and decided to release an app.

The app was available in the Google Play store for a while until it was taken down for trademark infringement (the word Azure). We peaked at a bit over 40 monthly active users before the app was retired.

Pike or Pine

An Android game for lost Seattleites

Based on the skit from the infamous Seattle version of Saturday Night Live, Almost Live, this game asks you the important question. Is it on Pike or is it on Pine?

It shows you different bars and restaurants and you guess if it's on Pike street or Pine street. It's a fun way to get more acquainted with where things are on Capitol Hill and Downtown.